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HDA : UV Cubic


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Hello !


I'm not sure I'm at the right place but I would like to share an asset with you.


It make a cubic projection, not revolutionary (As that exists in all others common 3D packages) but is missing in Houdini (correct me if I'm wrong).
Additionally I add some options for automatic alignment inspired from the code of this author :



Quick Demo :


I hope you like it !



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I've updated my asset to v1.1 with :

  • more alignements options
  • big reorganization of the asset for better performance
  • allow primitives selection for local projections
  • icon

Quick v1.1 demo :

You can download it here on orbolt

I hope you like it !


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Hello, I've updated the asset to v1.3 :
- add the possibility to set the name of UV (cf. "UV Name" parameter)
- quick preview also work if uv name is not "uv", ex : like "uv2" or "my_fantastic_uv"
- simplify creation of hda (no more need to click or press "enter" to validate a selection)


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