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Soft bodies help/tips/tutorials


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Hey guys/gals!


Been trying to find a good tutorial or tips on how to use soft bodies in houdini but with no real success.


What I wanna do is quite simple but not sure where to start.

I wanna copy a bunch of sphere and they just fall and bounce around.


Basically this 



So if anyone got any good tips or a tutorial on how to do that I would be very happy!



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Im still struggling with this.
So what I figured out so far is that you can't just copy a bunch of spheres and then use a tissue object, that will just make the whole thing to one object.
Been trying to find a way to do this and I check the files from the post that Juraj posted and they're all good but none what I saw used FEM.
This is what I got and its clearly not working



Not sure if this is hard to do or if its just me.

Any help is appreciated :)



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I also found out if you use a dopimport it won't take the donuts as one object if you tick of the single object box. 




If you download the Project Files there is a StackOnRotatingFloor.hip in the zip! 

Which looks like the stuff you want :) 

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