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Thanks for the comments!


Here the wire:


and here my version with the displacement-map in Houdini (I dont like it :angry:)...



I have to go a while - I need to add some scales at the head and wrinkles at the body. And the colors...


Yes Zbrush output the displacement-map and the model (obj).

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have you tried turning up the shading quality to 2 or maybe even 3?

Yes - but no change.... :(

Look here - a detail-pic:


There is still the problem with the cracks and I'm not able to use the render-as-SDS-option... :huh:

In the ZBrush-manual is an example with a hand. They create 2 maps - one for displacement and one for a bumpmap... Is this a solution - any idea? I had no problem with the head-example from ZBrush-Central.


Yes - I have my own shader with 0,5/-0,5. Thank you anyway!

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There are also some stange artifacts around the eye and nose. I wonder what's causing those as they don't look like displacement cracks.


What do the UV's look like? Did you automatically generate them? Or Pelt them? I'm wondering if those artifacts are displacements across UV boundaries.

Show us a UV snapshot and render the thing undisplaced with the a texture to examine the flow of UVs- (there is a cool one on the Exchange, by the way)

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Yes, you are right - here is the the fix for the artifacts-problem:

I have tried to unpelt the beast - but this process was not really helpful. It was a waste of time, but now I have some experience with UVpelt and UVedit. :)

The problem was still there. Additionally, I have had a few other new problems. DaJuice suggested applying a few maps to test the model. I did some tests and during this process, I remembered the hint by Jason:

"Try to clean the model (Clean SOP and such) and view primitive numbers and inspect the model for strange or bad geometry." from this thread.

I had a few five-sided polys in the model. ZBrush shows you a warning when you import the model and splits the 5s-polys to triangles. These were the "troublemakers" - they caused the artifacts. I did a rework of the model.

Here is a new render - I have used the DomeLight by AndrewVK.


P.S. Thanks, Jason - you were right with the words: Inspect the model for strange or bad geometry

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