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Split up geometry by a boundSOP or..?


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Hey all, I cant wrap my head around the best way to do this. I have an object, and I would like to split it into separate pieces. Lets say I have a torus, and I would like to cut it up on all 3 axis and cache them out as separate objects (via wedging). Ive tried using the boundSOP, which shows the areas I wish to divide nicely, but I cant find an (easy) way to cut things up using the boundSOP.


Any advice or directions to an example file I can rip apart?

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You can create a setup or tool to do what you want using clip sops.  Basically build a box using a few clip sops. You can use expressions on each one to set the position and clip plane direction, based on a reference bound or box sop.  


The clip sop is sweet because it almost always gives you really clean cuts.  Take it a step further and have an option to do a cap operation after each clip.  Base it on the camera frustum...

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