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Lego Waterfall


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I saw the Lego movie recently and thought I'd have a crack at their point cloud sims. As it stands, all the bricks are the same size so I'm trying to work out how to randomize those. Fun stuff!


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I actually came back and revisited this one - it was really bugging me I hadn't figured it out!

It's a pretty messy solution, there's no instancing and bulk VDB's to calculate out of bounds geometry.

To win, you definitely need to attack it on a point level. I had a vague idea of setting the orientation first, running a random set of points through a loop and grabbing the near point based off the orientation - you would also need a statement to figure out if pieces will fit or not. If anyone has ideas I'd be interested to hear.

I've attached the scene file if anyone wants to check it out.


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Ha, great work man! you've pushed past the 'easy' bit of doing lego, and got deep into the interesting stuff that helps differentiate 'real' lego from typical 'cg' takes on lego.

Re your hunch of a better method, it's pretty much what i did last week. :) I had the advantage that it was (a) a flat grid rather than a specific 3d shape, (b) was all using the same bricks and (c) wanted gaps left behind where i'd deleted stuff rather than having it all filled, but the core idea worked well. Promptly got replaced by another technique (known as 'stealing pre-existing shapes from the modelling department and blatting it onto surfaces), but still, thats the joy of production eh?




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Thanks Matt!

I'll give it a crack sometime. Points are definitely pretty cool, but I had a thought earlier - seeing as we're playing with symmetrical objects on uniform points, could you use some kind of 3D shader witchery to fake the whole thing?


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