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Apply POP force to some points

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After transferring a color attribute to some points I would like to apply them a force, as long as they have the blue color transferred.

I've tried the following code in the pop force node without success:



vector color= point(0,"Cd",@id);


if(color.z !=0 )
What am I doing wrong?
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Force is a float attribute, right?



f@force *= i@id;

Use the shortcut letters in front of the @ symbol to insure the correct type casting.


That particular code example does not make sense, however. You would be multiplying the force by the index of the point. So the first point won't move at all, the second will will move slow and the third one twice as fast as the second one etc...


Perhaps something like this for random force applied to each point within a given range.

f@force *= fit01(random(i@id), 0.4, 1.2);
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I've tried the some more expressions but the points with transferred attributes still move with the other points, so multiplying the force by the index is not a good option indeed.


Could it be a good choice to use a point cloud expression ?


I have attached a test file so you can see what i'm trying to do




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