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Time Shift Node

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I have a scene where I want to put few Dust Explosions, but Of course they would look better if they would start on diferent times. So I`m using DOP i/o and then TimeShift node just frame number minus random frames. ($F-24 for example)

Problem is that on frame number 10 it is 10-24=-14 and the mantra gives me error and doesn`t render anything.

What would be the best way to do it then?

Thank you






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  • michael changed the title to Time Shift Node
51 minutes ago, cudarsjanis said:

...I tried Clamp function, but I don`t really get it :(

just set Clamp to desired mode, like Clamp To Both if you want to hold both start and end frame

then set your Start/End Frames to the first and last frame of your input sequence, so if your sim is 1-50 then enter 1 and 50

it will hold frame 1 for any frame <1 and hold frame 50 for any frame >50

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