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Nail Board Rig


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This is my approach for Nailboard Rig. It´s very simple and maybe useless but I thought I will share it here so other houdini beginners can investigate/improve. 

I used ray sop to create a distance attribute and a little bit of vex to move the nails according to the distance.

kind regards 




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Ah...did not searched for something like that before. As the approach is very different I think it´s not redundant.

btw. When I have a look at the PDF I think SideFx did a good Job in ui improvements the last decade :blink:^_^ 

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And also to link this back to 2002: (click on the words "Pin Table" to go to the thread)




well, having actually done the shots in xmen.....

i can say that we did use square pins. the hexgons would have been nice but the prop they made and brought in were actually solid pieces of balsa wood with wthing strips cut into them. no props were used in the movie. plus we were still trying to figure out how many pins would be necessary. i think at one point we were at 25 pins/sq inch of table top.

we had the entire thing running with the basic houdini tools but ended up making custom tools to make it faster and easier to use.

it was rendered in prman and yes it would have been faster to render the entire image on its side rather than top to bottom. fatter pins were used to generate a shad pass and then we rendered skinny ones for the beauty pass. we didn't want to add to the moir



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