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Collision from Object shelf tool


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Does Collision from Object shelf button work? I used it on a basic flip sim and increased the resolution of the collision object and even lowered the Collision Separation parameter on the Flip Object inside DOPs, but I am still getting penetration.

Any ideas?



Thanks :)


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Edit - Actually that didn't seem to fix it. I'm not sure why that isn't working, it works fine in a static solver

Try setting Scale Source Volume to -1 on the "source_collision_from_box" node

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I think there is something wrong with the collision geometry, the way it is built. If I remove the SourceVolume from the FLIP Solver and then just use the hollow box object as a static rigid body I can get collision after I turn off Volume Based Collision. If you look at the volume based collision object you will see it is full of holes for some reason? Using non-volume based collision, it works..?




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