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Jesper Rahlff

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Hey guys.

if I draw out a line, and first point is snapped to the centroid of something, how can I apply a noise so that the first point does not get affected and moved in space?

same goes for the last point, but I figured it the same solution..

Thanks in advance. cheers.

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You can set a group node to 'Group by Range', Start/End 1/$N-1, Select_ of_ 1/1, then set the Group in the noise generator to !group1

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next question: this is driving me crazy...

So I use a polywire on the line to get myself a tube, and then I want to set the pscale on that tube based on a ramp. first thing I run into is that I can get cone shape by using the point sop and input in scale under the particles tab (($NPT-$PT)/$NPT)*0.1.

translating this into vex I would believe it is @pscale = ((@numpt-@ptnum)/@numpt)*0.1;

the Vex code however gives me totally different results.. can anyone explain what I am doing wrong here?

also ideally I want to map my pscale so it is controllable by a spline ramp.. how would I map that? 

My initial though is measure the length of the line, and then based on that fit that to the ramp and then map that to the polywires wire radius attribute. but I can't get it to work..


all help and any pointers are greatly appreciated. thanks.

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