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very new to Houdini..
This is my setup: a mesh  ->  'SCATTER'  ->  'CONNECT ADJACENT PIECES'. 
The connected points are in clusters so some are not in use..My question is how can I turn off the visibility of the unused points generated by the 'SCATTER' node?

Here is a screen grab:

Screen Shot 2016-10-13 at 15.09.25.png

thanks in advance

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If you just want the points to not render then turn off point rendering and you can leave them in the scene.


Other solutions are a bit more complicated. You would need to write code or find a node that groups or selects points that do not belong to an edge. Then issue a delete on the group.


On a side note, you can follow up the ConnectAdjacent node with an attribute wrangle and explicitly set the edge width for rendering.Untitled-1.jpg

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