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Configure Wind Force (To Act More Like Real Wind)?


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Hi All,

I have always been disappointed by all 3d packages ability to emulate wind. Sure, most make something called wind but it is just a re-packaged noise generator. Does anyone have any better recipes for emulating wind?

PopWind does have a velocity direction field, but I don't feel like it outputs the ebb and flow that defines natural wind.

Let's pretend we want wind to blow from East to West so we setup a velocity in the X axis. But wind is not a fan. A fan would blow continuously in one direction, but wind kind of pushes then stops, maybe flows a little the opposite direction then takes off in the direction again.

Can PopWind be configured to act more like wind and less like a fan?


I have attached the setup I am working with. Basically some instanced spheres floating in a volume.


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That might help out, use two.

I kind of headed down a similar path, combining multiple forces, using CHOPS to create a more random motion with lag. Instead of using PopWind, I use PopDrag and set the direction equal to the output from the CHOPs. Because the Air Resistance seems to just be a multiplier on Wind Direction per axis you can use VEX to randomize the strength of the air resistance on a per-particle basis. This gives a kind of suspended in gel motion that still follows the master noise generator.



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