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[novice] Wedge ROP to output Flipbook quality previews


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Have gone thru both tutorials listed at the end of this post but am confused by one thing.

Is the Wedge ROP strictly for rendering geometry (ie vdb's or bgeo files) or can it also be used to render images as well?

I thought it could be used as sort of a batch Flipbook renderer. But in these examples you need to define a SOP path which points to either a specific piece of geometry or vdb.



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Answering my own question

Watching towards the end of this


I see all you need is to use a Mantra node as an Output Driver.

But, what would be even more useful (and much quicker)is to render out scene previews or screen grabs, similar to the way the Flipbook works.

Especially since the primary use of the Wedge ROP is to check your simulations. Any Houdini experts know if there is a way to do this?

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On 11/2/2016 at 7:55 PM, goldleaf said:


You can definitely use the Wedge ROP to generate flipbooks (via OpenGL ROP), the SOP path is the parameter you're wedging, but you can drive any driver with the Wedge ROP.

Here's an example, hope it helps!


This is an awesome idea. Unfortunately the final output of the provided file is black. I can't figure out how to fix it quite yet as i'm not comfortable with cops. in the image context each transform seems to be moving it's image out of its own canvas resulting in a black rectangle. then all the black rectangles are merged together in the layer node resulting in black image. i don't know if there was a change in houdini that broke this file or what. I'm confused about why the transforms aren't transforming the image frame along with the image. the attached images show the result i get from the provided file without changing anything. thanks!

Screenshot from 2019-03-12 14-20-08.png

Screenshot from 2019-03-12 14-20-29.png

Screenshot from 2019-03-12 14-21-13.png

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