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initial state for my fur sim

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hi guys I've had a good search on both here and sesi and google but i cant get an answer :/


i'm trying to save an initial state for my fur so its nice and rested on the character before the sim starts.

I've dropped a time shift node in my character network so he stays put else he walks off screen!

then in the autodopnetwork i'm connnecting a rop output driver to the output of my autodopnetwork.. i'm saving a .sim file and saving that out.

now i cant suss out (1) if ive done it correctly and (2) where i would plug that .sim in anyhow


can anyone help me here please i feel a little lost over something i'm sure is easier than i'm making it out to be :/

edit i did find some questions.. but from 2006 lol! 




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