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Select Primitves No Longer Works? (RESTART YOUR COMPUTER)


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Hi All,

I feel like it has been one broken Houdini tool after another today.

Select primitives no longer works.

How do I turn back on this basic feature?

Notice in the image I can select points just find but when I switch to primitives, nothing...


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I am using the current release of Houdini 15.5.717 on Windows 7 with a nVdidia 1070GTX.


Selection worked fine last week on the previous version of Houdini. I assume there is some kind of switch that has been turned off or something...

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I just tried it again, the next day, and it seems to work, yeah!

I guess in cases like these turn off your computer and restart. This seems to smack of video driver bug or something. Restarting my computer as a solution to workflow issues is something that rarely crosses my mind.

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