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best specc for a houdini dedicated machine?

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hi, im planning to build a machine specifically for houdini use,  which it the best specc to have in mind in this case?  i dont have so much monay,  so i want to invest as wisely as i can,   ive read that  ram is one of the most important in therms  of rendering and simulations, is ram more important than graphics card for example?    which graphic card is better?  nvidia, amd, ati?   is it important is to have the last generation core processor?    which is the key aspect  for a houdini dedicated machine??



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For Sims, RAM is important, Graphics card go with Nvidia and do not deal with AMD in my opinion, Depending of your budget you could go with 1070 which if you are using a GPU rendering will see a nice speed up in your renders. 
Core speed I will try to go with the highest clock more than slower clock and more threads. Look at the i7 6800K or 6850K. Again all this depends of your budget. 

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