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Copying A Posed Mesh To Be A Blendshape?


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I have had a wonderful time modelling a head complete with teeth, gums, mouth sock and tongue. I popped some bones inside and captured the geometry. I opened the jaw (his lips are still stuck together) and now I am using the paint capture layer to set the geometry of the lower jaw to my jaw bone. I've found this is a good way to wrangle all those points into some resemblance of order..

Is there any way that I can capture this pose at the OBJ level and make it into an edit SOP so I can use it as the basis for a blendshape? :unsure:

Thanks very much for the help.

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look into the :


Usage: sopcreateedit name sop1 sop2

sopcreateedit -d name sop1 sop2

If the -d option is not given, this command will create a Edit SOP

describing the edit which transforms the geometry from sop1 to that

of sop2.

If the -d option is given, there must be a path from sop1 to sop2

containing a Deform SOP. A new Edit SOP will be created that can

replace sop2 if inserted before the Deform SOP.


before: sop1 -> deform -> sop2

after: sop1 -> new edit -> deform

In either case, the number of points in sop1 and sop2 must be equal.


basically it lets you 'model' with a rigged character and then create an edit sop that contains the information houdini would need to modify the geometry...so you could do this lots of times - each time creating an edit that you can then feed into a blenshape etc...

it's also really good for creating multiple models based on an original....

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Hello chaps,

Thank you very much for the suggestions. I got it to work in a very rudimentary way - but I was deleting histories and copying geometry to the one SOP where I hooked them all up to a Blendshape SOP. This seems to be the Maya way but I've gathered that this approach runs counter to procedural paradigm in Houdini..


I'm still getting the hang of the Morph tool but I enjoy using it. It appears to only like point data and not being driven by bones.


So, if I pose the bone, go into the SOP level create a null and lock it, do that again then I have two blendshapes I can blend between. Elegant.


Unfortunately I know little about Hscript - and I can't find any learning materials apart from about 10 minutes in the introductory Buzz VTM. I'm not familiar with the UNIX command line interface either.

/obj/my_box -> sopcreateedit name sop1 sop 2

'name' is the label of the edit tile that will be created and sop 1 is the SOP that I am copying from (null1) and...I don't get what sop2 does. Do I have to make a SOP to copy the pose to.. No that's not right..

I made it work - but I'm not sure how. :blink: I check the new tiles and they all appear the same. Do I need to lock them, perhaps.

I've learn how to change directories!


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