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camera frustum on pyro sim


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I'm trying to cull out voxels that are out of the camera frustum (plus a little bit more for shadows sake) to save simulation time and increase details where needed, I found some examples for particles but nothing for volumes / pyro

any help would be really appreciated!


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hey Jesper


thanks for your reply, I had a look at your example, but it seems to me like this solution is good for rendering, but not for simming.

I think I need something that lives inside the DOP of my pyro, maybe a hack on the Gas Resize Fluid Dynamic operator to cull the density fiels where I don't need it

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On 4/3/2017 at 4:46 PM, Jesper Rahlff said:

put this solution in a Sop solver in your dopnet, and that way it would evaluate this setup every frame and remove unwanted density.

Hello Jesper, I was having the same issue as Nicoladanese, and I tried your method, I just have one more question... where should I connect the SOP Solver in my Pyro Sim Network??


Thanks for the file by the way!

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Hi Everyone,

I am having the same issue here. I have a rotation on my camera and I could not figure out a way to rotate the clip sop with my camera. Is there a way to do the rotation for the clip sop based on the cameras rotation?

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Hey didn't look at file so excuse of this ain't right

but if u take camera on first frame, time shift to hold in place. This is rest position. In another pipe where camera is rotating, subtract its rotation value by rest rotation = the difference. You can add this difference to the clip rotation. I hope u get the idea.

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