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Hey everybody!

Recently I am playing around for snow simulation, and I am hoping the results could be better than the 2013 Frozen demo from Disney https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0kyDKu8K-k. The shader right now I am using is transfering particles to VDB volumes and then approximated through BillowySmoke & uniformVolume. In the geometry nodes I used VDB smooth to get rid of those non-sense particles (also plus the volume blur nodes to do some blurring work). Wondering does anyone have exp to render snow?

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I personally meshed the particle sim at very high res with VDB's to polygons - then had a lookdev artist who took my mesh and shaded using Alsurface within Arnold. - Only problem with this is the huge mesh sizes from the vdb to polygons due to resolution needs to keep the small snow particles look, but find it works pretty well. 

Your volume method makes more sense and is probably more efficient than my method i reckon though :)

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