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[SOLVED]VEX Rotate Instances?


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Hi All,

I have this mountain sphere where I have scattered a few copies of the letter T upon.

I want to be able to rotate each instance along the vertical axis of the letter T, so they spin while aligned to the sphere.

I am constructing orientation using the polyframe node but I want to control the secondary rotation via VEX.

Does anyone know the VEX code for rotating along a single axis while maintaining the original orientation setup by the polyframe?



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Thanks for taking a look at my problem file. That is almost it, however, when I install your code in my scene the rotation occurs on the wrong axis. I wonder if this is due to the scatter after the polyframe? In your scene if I scatter points, instead of using the surface points the solution is lost as well.

Do you know how to migrate the rotational influence to the other axis?

I tried swapping X and Z but that did not work either.

p@rot = quaternion(@Time, @N);
float rx, ry, rz;
rx = p@rot.x;
ry = p@rot.y;
rz = p@rot.z;
p@rot = set (rz,ry,rx);



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why don't you use your up-vector instead of @N?
if I got this right, p@rot = quaternion(@Time, v@up); in your attribwrangle_INSTANCE should do the trick

and remove those other lines

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