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So the new fx wars is just around the corner, and i was wondering if all of you would like to form a Houdini team for the competition, if anyone wants to come in, please feel free to join the IRC channel.


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Guest Guest

I'd like to. I wanted to enter the car one, but I don't have time to model a whole car, I couldn't find anyone willing to part with a decent car and I wasn't too sure it'd be cool to post something using alpha software. This one though.... I dunno it sounds pretty boring. They always choose these overly complicated shots and they have all these arbitrary rules and categories... no keyframes... Now, I've never done FX for film but I'm pretty sure most studios will allow you to use keyframes in an effects shot if it will help get the job done, right?

This quote, from the guy who runs the thing, makes me nervous

"I am leaning right now in the direction of trying something epic."

He's talking about getting matte painters involved. I don't know about you, but matte paintings aren't my thing.

Anyhow once they actually announce what this is going to entail maybe I'd like to do something. If it's going to be burying Manhattan in ice, forget it. Maybe we say screw the rules and do something really kick ass on a smaller scale related to the topic and just post it there in protest. :P

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Guest Guest_el_diablo_*

You know why they are mentioning movies (implying movie like quality) for this challenge? Becouse last one 'Car chase' had some amazing entries. I was pretty shocked what people can do in their spare time, of which i have none :(.

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