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Attach Dragon Breath To Crowd Based Dragon?


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Hi All,

I have an animated dragon that is an agent in a crowd simulation. One of the agent states is "exhale fire".

How would I trigger a pyro sim so it lines up with where the dragon is located at any given time?


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Thanks for the file, that is neat, pyro following a line.

I guess what I am still looking for is how do I attach that line to my crowd based agent and then trigger the pyro only when the agent transitions into the fire breathing state? I could have 10-100 dragons and each one might breath fire at a different time in a different location. So it's not really about a single hero shot. I guess I don't know enough about agent layers.


Back to watching master class...


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Have never worked with crowd sim)
But an example from shelf shows "state" attribute in agent sim, so you can filter your "exhale" state, when it happened do fire on that agent.
In your case I see two ways to sim fire, 1 - instancing per agent, 2 - sim separately in the loop.

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