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fbx sequence importing

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Good Od folks

Hi. I have a bunch (70) of photogrametry scans I need to bring in to animate in Houdini. They are sequentially named 01.fbx - 70.fbx..

Is there a "goto" way to import a sequence of fbx files and preserve materials?
I am getting in the geometry with file node and $2F but the materials don't make it thou.

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When I import an FBX using the File menu I get my texture correctly applied. This creates a subnet with my geo, bones and a material subnet. If you can see your texture in the viewport then your FBX files are properly referencing the textures on disk. If not then the program that generated the FBX sequence may not have created the texture reference correctly or you have moved or renamed the texture folder.

Try this...

Import a single frame using the File menu.

Dive inside the FBX subnet and locate the materials SHOP network (typically colored blue). Copy it to the clip board, go up one level and paste it into the /obj context. This places it at the top level.

Drop down another geo and dive inside. Delete the File and drop down an Agent node. Place the Agent node in FBX mode and browse to your sequence. This should get you an animated sequence without a material. Go up one level and assign the material from the File input version to the Agent geo version. Which should have a path something like this. ../materials/my_FBX_Skin_object


I know that may sound kind of convoluted but it worked for me and I hope it makes sense.

If you have not used the Agent node to load a FBX check out this short video.


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This works if you have a single material to cover your entire object. When I import an FBX from Mixamo I have half a dozen materials; hair, eyes, Bodymat etc. 

I've watched the video above and she seems to also just have a single material to assign at OBJ level. For the life of me I still can't texture a Mixamo import with its FBX materials using agent. I think I am missing something really obvious. 

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