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mirrored object emits less smoke?!?

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hey guys n girls,

maybe someone can help me with my problem. i want to emit some smoke from a .obj , which is driven by an alembic (rotation/trans). Now I want to mirror it with a mirror node. allright still everything is working... , BUT if I make a smoke-sim out of it, my mirrored object emits less smoke than my original object.
I allready killed the original in the mirrornode and merged it afterwards back together (not logical, but the only thing i had thought of).

maybe somebody had run into that problem before and could give me a quick advise :)

greetz natnat


Bildschirmfoto 2017-06-12 um 22.33.02.png

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yes, reverse / non /rev u /rev v doesn't make any other result :/

it seems like the mirrored one has not the same density like the original...
screen from the fluid source node_

Bildschirmfoto 2017-06-13 um 00.08.00.png

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to be honest I might have done something else, but I cant remember now. I can download the failing file again and try.

Another thing that I did I just change everything to default as well in the pyro. 

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Hey Attila.

The difference you were seeing is because the fluid source node has noise turned on. Which means that even thought your spheres are the same, because you apply the noise after you will get two different source volumes. If you want to get them to be closer to identical then you will need to mirror them after your create your density and then mix the volumes back together.

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