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Classic shader - export tangent normals

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Following this tutorial at 15:22 he ask to edit the export_tangent_normals1 of the Mantra Surface Shader.

Understood this shader was substituted/renamed with the Classic Shader in v16.

Problem is I didn't find any node of the shader with these properties, any hint if I'm using the wrong shader or need to search anywhere else.


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you may find them by typing in the Textport >

opunhide (you'll see the list of contexts) 

we need Shop

type >

opunhide Shop

you'll get all the hidden nodes' list

we need this > ophide Shop mantrasurface

type >

opunhide Shop mantrasurface 

after this node should become available in the Shaders


in the Textport >

-> cd /shop

/shop -> opadd mantrasurface

this will add node to the shop


write in the Python Shell >

>>> node = hou.node('/shop').createNode("mantrasurface")

and hit Enter

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