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[novice] Strange collision behavior

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using the Rigid Bodies > RBD Fractured Object and Collision > Static Object shelf tools to create a simple simulation with gravity.

I've created 2 simple scenes with notes for 2 steps

What is unusual is that there only seems to be collision happening at the very top of the test geometry rubber toy's head.
The scattered tiles seem to pass right through the rest of the test geometry as though it wasn't there, ie no collision happening.

Can anyone have a look at my test .hip files and suggest what I might be doing wrong? I think it has something to do with the rubber toy geometry being non convex.

So the question is, do I correct the geometry, or try a different solver from the shelf tools?




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The best way to check your collision geometry is to visualize it in the object itself. So in your example, if you go to your static object and in the Bullet collisions tab tick on the visualization you can see that the problem is, as you guessed right, the convex representation of your object. So either change it to concave (which will be pretty heavy depending on the resolution of the incoming geometry) or as Olly suggested, fracture your Object into smaller pieces that aren't concave. Bring them in as packed and set the "active" value to 0.

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