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What is the best way for ferrobrain effect?

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Hi,I have been doing an R&D to achieve this effect.In the description ferro fluid is mentioned and I checked Niel Prayers`s ferro fluid tutorial but it seems different effects.Now I am looking for mixing multiple fluids with different density values .Has anyone tried sth. like this?Or can you give some advice where to look?

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Atom link is a good one, the zero gravity sim has good vex to achieve your effect.

This one can also help, i think it's like entagma reaction diffusion, may be a little bit improved: from Erik Baymukashev - 2d line growth effect 01: (project provided)

2d line growth effect 02 is very close from what you are looking for, no tuts or project with that video.

I guess you'll have to mix several pieces of those projects to build that ferrobrain effect. I wish you that this thread has the same kind of success than the differential curve growth. Some info of that discussion can really help here: http://forums.odforce.net/topic/25534-differential-curve-growth/



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Thanks everyone.I will start to look at these sources.And if I achieve sth I will share it here.

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