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Preventing collision - intersection in Copy to points operation

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This is a recurring problem I am facing when using a Copy to Points operation.

In the attached close up image you can see the issue. I want the geometry to touch but not intersect with each other.

Is there perhaps a solution using Vex or??





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I think your approach should be to use pscale and pointRelax, haven't tested it but worth a try.





This node looks for any points that, if they were spheres with the specified radii, would be overlapping, and attempts to move them to nearby locations that reduce the overlap. This helps avoid having points that are too close to each other. This process is repeated until there are no overlapping points, or the Max Iterations limit is reached.


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I would have simply used Copy and Transform instead...the transform offset is simply the BBox width of the object being copied. Far simpler and precise.

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