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Texture baking issue


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Hello !

I'm learning houdini and tries to bake a simple position make texture using either the bake texture rop or the game baker shelf tool. Either way I get both error when rendering to disk.

I'm using pighead geometry . Everything goes just fine when rendering to Mplay strangely.

Here are the errors I get : 

Baketexture ROP :

Command Exit Code: 1

[15:36:16] mantra: Mantra tile imager open failure: Tiled Image File: 0 file []
File: C:/temp/H16TextureBake/test.tga
File: C:/temp/H16TextureBake/test.tga
[15:36:16] mantra: Could not open imager
[15:36:16] mantra: UV rendering failed for object /obj/geo1 

Using rop_game_baker

Error rendering child: /out/rop_games_baker1/baketexture 
Error rendering child: /out/rop_games_baker1/pre_bake0 

Does anybody have clues about it ?

Where I could get more information about texture baking ?


Thanks :)

PS : I'm using Houdini apprentice

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Just found out that the Houdini Apprentice render resolution is limited to somewhere around 512x512.

Anything up to that resolution should render just fine.

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