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folding smokesim

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I have to make an ink effect, with solid looking folding plumes. Now I would like to use the idea of Pazuzu(alejandro) to enhance the folding effect of the plumes. Inside my Smokesim (DOP) I would generate an SDF from the density, generate Curvature and use this values to drive divergence field. On high curvature are it would push it inside and low curvature are I would push it outside.

My problem:

How to convert the density to an sdf field inside dops? I found sdf to fog microsolver but not the other way around.

And is this a good way to push the folding effect, with divergence field driven by curvature?


thansk in advance. tom.


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Hey Tom, check the gas analysis to extract curvature and other data types.

Btw, you could convert the density using sop solver inside dops, inside the sopsolver just put a dop import. I hope it helps.

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thanks hickstein for your help! 

i tried to use a sop solver together with the smokesolver, but i don't  get it to work. if anybody have an advise how to setup the sop solver in conjunction with smoke solver, would be great. then i could convert the incoming density field to an sdf with vdb convert inside a sop solver per timestep? ...or should I advect the sdf field?

any advises would be great. thanks, tom

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