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cloth interpretations

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I'm trying to simulate cloth interacting with an animated file cache. The cloth sim is pretty much from the shelf tool and the collider was set with the surface collider shelf tool. the collider is poking through the cloth. im having trouble finding which parameters to change to stop the interpenetration. i've increased the substeps by a lot but this doesn't seam to have an effect. any suggestions would be appreciated. 


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thanks for the reply. this sounds like it could work. I'm getting a warning on the static object node in the dopnet 


Warning: external object has no valid position at start time 2.333333333333333 

I get this with or without the timeblend. I'm not sure what the time blend is doing. I've seen the timeblend work with a timeshift $F/2 but by it self connected to the cache i can't tell if its doing anything. Are you suggeting i create a ID like this?:

@id = @ptnum;

Is there a way to tell if there are substeps on the file cache? 

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Select the cloth object and turn on Collision visualization. Then increase the collision value, on the other tab. Also there is collision padding on the collision object itself. You also may want to enable Collide within Object. This is the only way to get cloth self collide.

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