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Maya shader tutorial. How to connect different maps? Missing nodes..

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I was looking at this tutorial:

If you scroll to time frame 05:40 you will see he is creating a node named as AiSwitch

I do not have that.
He went to "Create" >> "Arnold Shader Surface" >> "Ai Switch"
I do not have such node.
But i can find similar node if i go to "Create" >> "Arnold Utility Color" >> Al Switch Color"

He also uses there node named as "aimage" if i use that (as i understand to import different texture channels like subdermal, Mid Scatter, Primary Spec, Secondary Spec, Base color aka epidermal etc)
But how to connect the node?
As you can see "aimage" has one output but "aistandard" has for color color R and color  G and color B




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my guess is that he is using the alshader and arnold 4. Which isnt supported anymore since Arnold 5 pretty much covers that. Now I do not use Arnold much / or almost never. But for what I heard if you are using Arnold 5 you can still install the Alshader for compatible issues, but I also might be way off here. 


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