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Add Dynamics shelf tool...where?


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Simulate Guides ?

(seems to have the best matching icon...and the tooltip is also pretty close...)

After hitting that button, I see the Dynamics group added (in Param properties)

(don't see any autodop created tho, in Dynamics, if I hit Create External DOP Network, then it creates a familiar looking one....new workflow ??? dunno, total noob here...don't even know what the old workflow was)

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one way is to simply enter Add Dynamics into the search box....

(and then if you continue to follow the breadcrumbs...by clicking on /shelf/addfur...that's when it goes BUP BOW 404...)

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Didn't want to create a new thread

Much testing this past week with a simulation using the Apply Fur shelf tool on a simple sphere. As mentioned no detailed information I can find on adjusting simulation dynamics in 16.5! What would be really useful would be hair dynamics settings for a variety of hair types as starting points.

It seems that what was the Material TAB has now been separated into Physical and Plasticity TABs.
Under Elasticity I have increased Stretch Spring to 3000, reduced both Stretch and Bend Damping to .01, and increased Bend Spring to 5. (see attached)
From what I understand, this SHOULD result in my hair or hair guides having much more flex or bend.
But I can see zero difference. Can any hair or Wire Solver experts have a look and tell me what I am doing wrong?




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You should always test your theories on a simpler file, in saying that I'm not sure how you came to your conclusions tbh.  The documentation says that the coefficient of Angular Spring Constant is how much it resists bending, yet you increased it. Why would you do that if you want more bending?

Then the mass is too low, simply uncheck Compute Mass and set a value that works in Mass or increase the thickness instead.

A quick revision of engineering or physics will help you immensely when dealing with physical sims.





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