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Maths & Programming in Houdini as an FX-TD


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Hello guys,

I'm currently a Computer Graphics bachelor student, we are learning CGI but also, Mathematics, Python and C++ some people are very proficient with all these 3 while I'm very proficient in CG but not very strong in these field. I'm very motivated to learn and go deep into these 3 field but I would also like to be efficient in the way I will learn it. ( learning all the mathematics is unfortunately not possible. )

So I would like to know what is your best advice to start learning mathematics and programming to become an FX-TD, based on your own experience or on some experience from other people? 
Do FX-TD always use programming in the task they are asked for?

Any advice, any experience is very much welcome and it would help me a lot.

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In general you can go quite far without difficult maths in FX

some stuff you should ideally be familiar with:

  • basic arithmetic
  • basic trigonometry (cos, tan, sin)
  • how dot and cross products work, or at least how to use them, combined with trigonometry.
  • some basic understanding of physics, mainly Newtonian (gravity, objects in rest vs moving, etc.)
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