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MiG-23 DPRK Combat Plane & Various ammo


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Low Poly MiG-23 DPRK Combat Plane I made using Houdini 16. I made the High Poly, Low Poly, and UVs using Houdini 16. I baked material ID and high to low normal map using the Games Baker ROP. Additional Normal details like the panel lines were in Substance Painter. It was exported from Houdini to Unity. Let me know what you think. Render is from Substance Painter. Currently there is no glass shader for Substance Painter, that is assigned in Unity. Thanks.

Waiting on screen shots in Unity. Will post as soon as I get them.






*Edit - Screenshots from Unity. I was required to block out the UI elements. You can see the glass shader applied with the pilot inside.  



*Edit - Low Poly Hydra 70mm Rocket (AH-64 Apache Ammunition) and M789 HEDP Round (AH-64 Apache Ammunition) 




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20 hours ago, malexander said:

Looks pretty nice! I've always liked that particular plane design. Any chance of getting a shot with the wings swept back too?

Thanks! Not sure if we have the wings swept back in Unity. If not I'll try and get one from Substance.

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17 hours ago, konstantin magnus said:

Looks good! Maybe next time you could screen record your polymodeling, just to show that classic modeling can be done inside Houdini just as well. And perhaps also to convince people that are still too lazy to fully make the switch (like myself :blush:).

Thanks! I'll try and get seomthing together within the next couple of months. This was a mixture of procedural and traditional modeling, more traditional modeling though. 

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14 hours ago, bobc4d said:

as an aviation guy who worked on F-111's and F-16's in USAF and new to Houdini, I love this work because one, it is really nicely modeled and two, it answers my questions about if "serious" modeling is done in Houdini.  

Thanks! I haven't tried any USAF planes yet. I was looking into modeling the Pavelow or the F-35 in the future. 

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