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Explosion effect with particles


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Hi guys,

Wonder if you can help me. I'm looking to achieve this sort of effect with particles in the attached image.

I've spent some time playing around but I just don't know how to control particles well enough yet for this.

In my mind I had it planned out like this:

  • Initially use a small number of particles emitting from the normals of a sphere with a random velocity. This would create the clusters and form the large particles. I was thinking of using a turbulent noise to 'cluster' the particles and then randomising the velocity with an expression but couldn't get these to work (mainly because I don't know what i'm doing).
  • Follow these larger particles with 1000's of smaller particles
  • Add colour attributes to particle groups (I'm lost as to how I would achieve this. It would be great to have lots of control of the colour).
  • There is obviously smoke in this image also which i'm not too worried about at the moment, but it would be great to achieve this in the future by emitting it from the particles.

Apologies for the seemingly basic question! I have done a lot of research but it's just not clicking yet. I've even seen a very similar breakdown of the effect i'm trying to achieve (using Houdini) but lost to how I would achieve those things.



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Bit late to the party but thought I'd throw together a quick and dirty setup.

  1. Scatter some points on a sphere.
  2. "Group" together areas of points using the cluster sop.
  3. Colour the points using the cluster attribute created in step 2.
  4. Set up initial velocites in a pointvop, randomised with a noise.
  5. Sim with some variation added to the initial velocities to break up the shape. Emission is only on for the first frame.
  6. Trail the sim to a frame that you're happy with in regards to explosion size.
  7. Use a point replicate to bump up the number of particles*
  8. Use a VDB from particles node to create a density and Cd volume.

* I wanted more control over the pop replicate node so I added a UV attribute which then drives the uniformscale parameter.

It needs a fair bit of tweaking to get to that top picture but should get you off to a good start!


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