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Connect Adjacent Points?


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Hello! I am following this guide series on youtube by following along in Houdini as the demo goes by (unfortunately I'm only fluent in English) but there is one part that I think has changed between versions that I can't quite figure out.

What he does, and I am trying to do, is he scatters points over the geometry and connects adjacent points using the connect adjacent pieces node. This is being done to create connections for a hard constraint, and it should be creating those connections along the voronoi fracture lines since points scattered there have the least amount of space between them.

He also jumps into the connect adjacent pieces node and changes some things that are not in the current version.

His results look like this:


his adjacent points also seems to remove any other scattered points, as there are 500,000 scattered points in his scene at this point, but this still is while the display flag is on the connect adjacent pieces node, so I assume it is not showing points outside the search radius

My results look like this:


it appears that the connect adjacent pieces node removes unused points, and when I feed these connections into a hard constraint they do not work

Here is the video for reference (link) , the part I'm having trouble with is around 2min in


I am trying to create hard constraints along voronoi fracture edges (that will break after certain parameters are met) and I'm having trouble defining the connections for the constraints. What I am currently trying is scattering points and using connect adjacent points (as seen in the video) I feel like I'm missing something since there is a version difference. I want to create constraints between points within a search radius, and not have the points outside the radius still showing. I also cannot seem to get the connections from using adjacent points to work as a hard constraint (but when I use pieces from points it works as a constraint). Is there any advice for this? Thank you.


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I don't know if this is of any help...here's how I'm reading the problem, you want to make 'connections' between points...and delete everything else that failed to make any connection...

So what I've done is this, my scene has the display flag at connectadjacentpice....you can see connections here and there...but there are dead points all over the place...now put the display flag down to the last node...there's only the 'connections' left...is that your desired result ? No, I didn't mod the connectadjacentpiece under the hood like in the video.



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