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FLIP deleting all the water on collision


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I am trying to make a water tank using FLIP, but I am having collision problems.  The tank is hollow inside, I intend to render it as glass, but when the water collides with the surface of the tank it disappears.  I have had to use surface collision as opposed to volume because the volume collision does not detect the hollow inside, it simply makes the collision the outer shell of the tank.  I have attached a hip file to show what is happening, as well as the obj of the tank.  I have tried increasing the collision offset, but it doesn't seem to have any effect, plus I can't go too far with it because it will plug the hole I have in the center.  

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



EDIT:  I did forget to mention, I am on 16.5.323

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You do have to use Volume Based collision with FLIP.

I threw away your current collision setup and recreated it. I chopped off the top of the tank so I could see the quality of the VDB convert inside. You need enough quality to ensure that the tiny funnel for the hour glass is being created correctly. Feel free to remove the CLIP and BRIDGE nodes to re-establish your original look.

To make the fluid accumulate in the bottom section of the hourglass you need to balance particle separation against grid scale. Grid scale below 1.0 get really slow but the default of 2.0 often leads to volume loss. This example uses 1.2 for grid scale.




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