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Effective Glue Strength


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for reference, the effective glue strength = SOP strength x DOP strength is summarised as below:

SOP strength    DOP strength    Effective strength (SOPxDOP)
============    ============    ============================
undefined    	any value    	DOP value negative: unbreakble
				DOP value positive: increasing strength

negative    	any value    	unbreakable

positive    	positive        SOP x DOP

positive    	negative    	SOP

I'm not a techie, got no proof, this is just by observation on a sample scene by f1 in thread below:


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16 minutes ago, tamagochy said:

Dop strength its a multiplier. If you not create strength attribute in sops its 1 by default. In help everything is explain))

this is the same as me saying if SOP is undefined, then effective strength is DOP, read the first case above...

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