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Mmm really difficult to know what you want without given an explanation, but just taking a guess for the animation of your box is this what you want?




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I would say opposite...so it's a reveal upwards....think Arnie being transported back in time to hunt down Sarah Connor....he materialises bottom up..

Anyway, why oh why do ppl keep complicating things with Boolean ? sure it's good, but this is a simple clip....yes a simple clip, INCREDIBLY fast....

Anyway 2, if you insist with a Bool, the problem is the guy is not a one watertight mesh while you're treating it as a solid, if you treat it as a surface...no probs..., holes ? just stick in a polyfill, Single Polygon......problem solved.

(and of course, you could use clip as said above then add polyfill, for simple straight cuts...... forget Boolean, CLIP all the way)

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*sorry for my bad english


i need jiggle boolian effect.

clip node cant gives this type of effect.

so i used boolian node.



in this scene ,output is not perfect....what will i do for correct result .

kindly help me.

pls attach fixed file.



boolian->surface way also give wrong result.

iam new for houdini.kindly help me.dnt ignore.




boolian problem1.hip

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here is the best I can do for you....all you need is to mountainise a grid...NOT a whole box...extrude it down a fair way, then animate it rising up...that's my illustration, you can adapt to your timing.

(needing noise on the sides and bottom of the cutting box is meaningless)

It works 99.99%......why not 100 ? coz of non ideal geometry, you'll get non-manifold geo and polyfill cannot do its job....the fuse alleviates this quite well....near enough to 100%.

You'll simply have to use smoke and mirrors to hide those frames that the fill cannot do its job properly.

(you could probably use VDB but that loses too much fine details for my liking, other experts in this area may be able to provide you with a solution using VDB)


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