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Realistic forces for flip waves


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I'm currently experimenting with forces to create breaking waves in FLIP. I manage to create the general shape of a breaking waves by using a custom vel volume. One problem is that the force still works when the wave is breaking. Obviously the breaking/falling particles shouldn't experience any upwards forces anymore. Of course I can limit forces to only apply if the particles are beneath water level. But I wonder if there is a more realistic approach. A way to determine whether the particles should still experience a force or not. In a way this should be determined by whether or not these particles are "connected" to the main ocean. Another approach could be to check if there are any particles in the direction where the force is coming from. No particles, no way to transfer the vel. But since there are soooo many solvers and ways to deal with FLIPs, is there a general approch to this problem?


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Groups are the first thing that come to mind. Have your force only affect a group. Then use one of your described methods to detect when the particles should not receive force and move them into another group. Then they won't be affected. When they fall back down they should migrate back into the group where they can be affected again.


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