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[SOLVED]Remap Quad Area?

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I have this all quad based "dog-bone" shape. But the distribution of area per quad is a bit off.

Is there a way to keep the shape, keep all quads but remap the area of each quad so there is a more even distribution of area per quad?

I would like to remove quad stretching?



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Hey I tried the Projection Smooth asset I've put up and I've thought about this in part when I made it. If you check "Sparse" option it does try to space things out. Plus Wrap will make it re project. Now. I've found it that running it in a loop for 500 iterations does better than running it with 500 itself.

I guess I could do something just for this ans that asset was thought more for direction constrain than sparse smoothing.

There must be a smarter way to do this, eheh. The issue with smoothing iterations is that they return so little after a certain amount.



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