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Network Editor grid doesn't always stay in the same place.

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Hey guys,

Lately I've been using the grid in my network pane (tools > show grid), and I always snap my nodes to the intersection points so it's all nice and pretty. But every so often, multiple times a day, and usually when I re-open a scene, all the nodes will be nudged off, maybe ~1/4 grid space in a given direction. It's as if the grid is being drawn in a slightly different location. Obviously it's not a huge deal to just select all the nodes and scoot them over, but it gets a little redundant having to do it in every network, and kind of defeats the purpose of having a neat grid. 

I'm wondering if anyone else notices this or knows of an RFE for it, or if it's just me... 


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The grid is not changing on load, but if you ever insert a node, or create a node from the viewport, or do other wiring functions it will shift the nodes off the grid in order to fit the nodes.

I have RFE'd a few issues like this in the past. My biggest pet peeve is with the new UI in h16 they lost the snap to grid functionality when auto aligning nodes.

You can send in an RFE for better snapping to grid controls, and functionality. I have sent in a few over time, but they are still not getting fixed, not enough people to complain about this feature.

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It's weird, because I have noticed what you're saying with snapping not working, or new nodes budging old aligned nodes out of place off-grid, but it also happens occasionally when opening a scene again, or opening a new network editor.

I'll submit an RFE, too.  

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