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Condition for choosing between Polyextrude or Polyfill

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i have a model with 2000 pieces , some of them need to use polyfill and some of them need to use polyextrude.
the problem is i cant find a way to make a condition to seperating them.

the correct result should be like this (pic_1) :

when they only use polyextude (pic_2) :

and when the only use polyfill (pic_3) :

i want to make a condition for change switch node to use correct sop for each object.
is there any solution to fix this situation ?

thanks alot


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8 hours ago, f1480187 said:

 while piece missing a quad will have only 4.


what if the pieces are more complexed...ie. the hole is not a nice quad ?

Here's my workaround, I've added a subdiv to the box to force non-quad hole. Then use the 'default' Bool operation to detect self-intersection which is the problem when you cap/fill a somewhat planar/sheet object.



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