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"a Scanner Darkly" Troubles


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ouch :

Trouble in Toontown

But this paragraph probably sums up the issues right there :

'Most of the animators were hired locally in Austin. Sabiston signed a glassblower and a photo lab technician, a comic book illustrator and a sculptor. Only a few of the original 30 or so animators had moviemaking experience. "I told them, you are making a living as an animator, that's the good news. The bad news is that it's hard work," Linklater says. "It was more of a factory and less artists expressing themselves."'


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Interesting read. I had read elsewhere some time ago that part of the reason why they decided to rotoscope the movie was because they thought it would be "easier" than trying to create the visual effects for the suit and what not in live action. I'm still really looking foward to this. What I've seen looks great.

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well I think the whole thing is a waste...

the 'animation' doesn't look all that good to me (but that may just be my personal tastes)...A Scanner Darkly should have been just made traditionally - there is no reason to do this ridiculous 'animation'...

this is my favorite book....I'm really dreading this movie.

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