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Paint With Particles, How?

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Aren't we just talking attribtransfer here?

Transfer an attribute onto your surface and use that to mix between two shaders in vops.


i think its more complicated problem. but i can be wrong.

Every particle collison creates a new layer, like on this animation:


Real Flow 3 also has this effect:

From NextLimit site:

"Wet texture mapping (

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I think there is something different going on with the Thinking Particles...the particles are NOT painting the 'surface'...they look like they are hitting a point on the surface which becomes the 'centre' of a new shader layer or shader effect...simon's suggestion would work here I think....

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How about:

1. Make the particles stick on collision, and transfer the surface's rest or texture-uv attributes, along with the hit time.

2. Save the stuck particles as a point cloud for each frame.

3. The shader is passed the current time, then walks through the points in the cloud adding the effect by proximity (either in rest or uv space, and using either a texture map or procedurally) and taking into account the time elapsed -- a reference vector can also be added on collision for controlling the orientation of each "painted" instance.

Seems doable I think...

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hmm... that looked similar with an fx that one of my coworkr did 7 or 8 months ago. This approach was actually using Houdini's curve and generate a small library of matte from the camera. Afterward, do a camera projection onto the surface. I'd imagine it being doable in Houdini all right...

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Here's what I was thinking, the particle sticks on collision and has a attribute in it that determines it's age after the hit.

In the shader you loop through all the stuck points (point cloud) in uv space you determine the distance from the particle, the age then determines the radius from the point. It's easy to make procedural rings from this information. Add some uv noise and you are done.

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