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I am working in a project to render grass

I am getting noise due to motion in grass. I don't know how to control it. I have changed the samples and it increased the render time from 40 minutes to 3 hours but no difference. Can anyone please tell me how to get rid of these noise.

( Exr file including passes, screenshot of sample i used regular one & increased one is also Attached)




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The archive appears to be corrupted. I wasn't able to extract it. In general you don't want to increase the minimum ray samples nor do you want to reduce the noise level. Both of those things will unnecessarily increase render times. Try increasing the maximum ray samples and/or the pixel samples. If the noise is caused by motion then increasing the pixel samples will likely be the answer. Not sure that global quality or diffuse quality matter in this scene since I can't extract it.

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Generally I tend to work that noise issue modifying "artistically" (read as "with no precise rule") the Noise Level and increasing the Max Ray Sample as the first step. Many times you can stick with a low Pixel Sample increasing the Max Ray Sample an lowering the Noise Level. Try to work in a small, noisy part of your render, so you can get fast feedback, and search for a good compromise between Render time and quality. If you can't manage to make the render less noisy that way, then start increasing Pixel Sample or Diffuse Quality or Global Quality.

Hope it helps!


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