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MOPs: Motion Graphics Operators for Houdini

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We've made a ton of small updates, just posting here to recap everything since v0.1.9. We're at v0.1.16 Experimental now, with an improved Spread Falloff tool for easy "growth" effects.

  • Patched a bug in MOPs Spring Falloff that broke the channel references driving the spring attributes (K, M, D).
  • The "Do Falloff" checkbox in the Spring Falloff now correctly applies spring forces to the mops_falloff channel itself.
  • Audio Falloff ramp presets now function normally.
  • Patched a bug in the Audio Falloff that created an unprocessed band as the first band of any new node.
  • MOPs Explode now properly adds an id attribute to the created packed primitives.
  • MOPs Randomize will now add an id attribute in case one is missing.
  • Modified Falloff Preview to ignore packed fragment scales.
  • MOPs Explode no longer inverts the up vector if "Invert Normal" is selected.
  • MOPs Extract Attributes now extracts correct N and up if mops_orient is in use.
  • MOPs Transform now makes more consistent use of mops_orient if it exists.
  • MOPs Reorient now normalizes N/up after transferring, and before converting to an orient quaternion.
  • Patched a bug in the Instancer that prevented Alembic sequences from properly setting their sequence index frame.
  • Added support for sequences in MOPs Flocking Modifier.
  • MOPs Preview Falloff now leaves normal meshes intact instead of turning them into sprites/points.
  • The MOPs Instancer now properly sets consistent pivot points regardless of input type (SOP, Alembic, Packed Sequence).
  • MOPs Spread Falloff v1.1 released. Now includes documentation, simpler controls, and much better spread propagation.
  • Patched MOPs Spread Falloff to work correctly on disconnected points with no id attribute.

The download for the latest release is here: https://github.com/toadstorm/MOPS/releases/tag/v0.1.16e

Or, if you have a more recent version installed, you can use the Updater shelf tool to automatically update to v0.1.16 Experimental.

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