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MOPs: Motion Graphics Operators for Houdini

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We've made a ton of small updates, just posting here to recap everything since v0.1.9. We're at v0.1.16 Experimental now, with an improved Spread Falloff tool for easy "growth" effects.

  • Patched a bug in MOPs Spring Falloff that broke the channel references driving the spring attributes (K, M, D).
  • The "Do Falloff" checkbox in the Spring Falloff now correctly applies spring forces to the mops_falloff channel itself.
  • Audio Falloff ramp presets now function normally.
  • Patched a bug in the Audio Falloff that created an unprocessed band as the first band of any new node.
  • MOPs Explode now properly adds an id attribute to the created packed primitives.
  • MOPs Randomize will now add an id attribute in case one is missing.
  • Modified Falloff Preview to ignore packed fragment scales.
  • MOPs Explode no longer inverts the up vector if "Invert Normal" is selected.
  • MOPs Extract Attributes now extracts correct N and up if mops_orient is in use.
  • MOPs Transform now makes more consistent use of mops_orient if it exists.
  • MOPs Reorient now normalizes N/up after transferring, and before converting to an orient quaternion.
  • Patched a bug in the Instancer that prevented Alembic sequences from properly setting their sequence index frame.
  • Added support for sequences in MOPs Flocking Modifier.
  • MOPs Preview Falloff now leaves normal meshes intact instead of turning them into sprites/points.
  • The MOPs Instancer now properly sets consistent pivot points regardless of input type (SOP, Alembic, Packed Sequence).
  • MOPs Spread Falloff v1.1 released. Now includes documentation, simpler controls, and much better spread propagation.
  • Patched MOPs Spread Falloff to work correctly on disconnected points with no id attribute.

The download for the latest release is here: https://github.com/toadstorm/MOPS/releases/tag/v0.1.16e

Or, if you have a more recent version installed, you can use the Updater shelf tool to automatically update to v0.1.16 Experimental.

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It's been a while! We finally have a new stable release. If you haven't been following the Experimental releases, there are a ton of new and updated nodes, bugfixes, shelf tools, and UX improvements.

Here's the full list of changes: https://github.com/toadstorm/MOPS/releases/tag/v0.1.36

We appreciate any feedback from users! Let us know what works and what doesn't!

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Hey friends!

It's been another long while since the last Stable release, but I finally have a new one available. The changelist is pretty big so I'll only link to it here, but there are a few new toys to play with, many modifications to existing ones, and a TON of bugfixes and reliability improvements. I hope you'll spend the time to take a look!


As always, any questions, comments, feature requests, or donations are immensely appreciated.

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Hello again! It's been a long time.

Today with the release of Houdini 18 marks the first "official" release of MOPs: v1.00. This includes a ton of changes since the previous Stable release, and is now feature complete, barring any future bugfixes. Development of new features will now be focused on the upcoming commercial version of MOPs.

The list is way too long to post here, so I'll just link to the Github release page: https://github.com/toadstorm/MOPS/releases/tag/v1.00

Please continue to post bug reports, feature requests, or any other feedback, either here, on GitHub, or in the MOPs forums! Thanks as always!

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