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TrueBones MOCAP data

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Total MOCAP & rigging novice. Goal is to simply create human dancer going thru various ballet moves to be used for other simulations.

Using MakeHuman to create mesh.

For MOCAP data wondering if I should stick with the free BVH converted CarnegieMelon database, or perhaps use some of the data from TrueBones.

I know Atom has created a Python script to work with MOCAP data from Carnegie Melon but not sure if it also works with BVH data from TrueBones.

Has anyone used MOCAP data from TrueBones? What was involved in rigging to a mesh?

Thanks in advance!




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I'll go ahead and post this here as well...

My script is hard coded to Carnegie Mellon so it won't work with TrueBones. Recently I have had success using the freebies from MocapData.com. I have abandoned using a script to drive mocap at this time.

I had a pretty good break through recently when SideFX staff goldfarb mentioned an easy way to link a rig to an imported mocap rig. Check out this link.


Basically you use the BlendConstraint shelf tool, using his settings mentioned in the post, and map each mocap bone to each rig bone. It really does not take that long to manually link one up. About 10 minutes and your done. The results are great. Your character will move with the mocap and you can still swap the .bclip file to bring in new motion capture moves.

Constraints scrub waayy better than the Python script having to update all bones on a frame change.

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